Teen Cooking Course (Ages 13-18) 4 Week Course

Teen Cooking Course (Ages 13-18) 4 Week Course

Class Experience

All cooking ingredients are included. So, no shopping for you. In this 4 week course, we meet once a week to work on beginner cooking skills, in the 4 weeks we will cover knife skills, how to season and cook meat, how to cook Egg Fried Rice, Chinese Dumplings and Chow Mein. I will be actively showing and doing all steps so your learners get a good grasp on the techniques and methods.

In this course we will be handling sharp knives, hot woks/pans, using stove tops, and a few small appliances.

Course Program

Week 1--Knife skills. How to hold a knife correctly, parts of the knife, how to slice and dice. How to make salad dressing. We will be making - Slapped Cucumber with Homemade Salad Dressing

Week 2-- Egg Day: How to whisk eggs using chopsticks. Practice knife skills by dicing spring onions and meat. How to wok cooking. How to boil rice. We will be making – Egg Fried Rice

Week 3—Dumpling(Jiao Zi) Day: Introduce the history of Chinese Dumpling(Jiao Zi). How to make Jiao Zi filling. How to make Jiao Zi step by step: how to fold Jiao Zi in 3 different ways. How to cook Jiao Zi, how to pan or wok frying. How to make dipping Sauce.

Week 4—Chow Mein Time: This is the opportunity to show off your knife skills. How to stir fry. How to Sauté. How to look after Wok. We will be making - Chen’s Special Chow Mein.

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